How Can You Secure Your Graphic Design Career?

Guddu & Shani

College of Art & Design

LEARN How can you secure your graphic design career and produce exponential results if your Art Meets Science?
Recently we spoke at a seminar at the College Of Art & Design, Punjab University. We discussed the future of Graphic Designers!

  • We talked all about where it is heading in the next few years? 
  • We discussed how Graphic Designers are warriors of 5th Generation Wars?
  • How graphic designers are better problem-solvers for business affairs?
  • How artificial intelligence and Machine learning is enabling the productivity of designers?
  • How have we tested it locally and seen the success?

What's included?

  • Future Of Layout Design
  • Future Of Photography
  • Future Of Video
  • Future Of Copywriting
  • Future Of Sound Editing
  • Future Of Design Tools

Impact Of AI & ML On Graphic Designers

Designer occupations are being impacted by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at a rapid pace. Data-Driven Machine Generated Content is a new phenomenon that will eventually replace graphic designer professions that are laborious and time-consuming. Similarly, there is a significant chance to enhance production.

Survival Of Graphic Designers

Survival of a graphic designer is in merging Arts with Science, using all modern tools to increase productivity while focusing on his/her core competency i.e.
Creativity | Curiosity | Critical Thinking
Meet the instructor

Guddu & Shani

Guddu & Shani are serial entrepreneurs from Pakistan. They are known for fashion photography and filmmaking, brand development, business consulting, coaching, and innovative turnkey solutions given to the industry. Currently, they are operating as an innovation lab from Pakistan and the USA.
Their experience includes a huge contribution in developing aspiration advertising and data-driven content marketing in Pakistan regarding aesthetics and techniques, a portfolio of more than 72000 published images, videos & content pieces.
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