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creating equity in advanced education

An Institute & Innovation Center To Build Workforce With An Innovative Mindset & Advanced Skills

  • To Prepare A Workforce With Advanced Skills
  • To Build An Innovative Mindset 
  • To Enable Our Young Generation With Current Knowledge

our instructors are professionals from Pakistan & these leading companies

our instructors are professionals from Pakistan & these leading companies

World class education in Urdu through BOOTCAMPS and Workshops by top professionals teaching industry-demanded subjects 



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Advanced Skills

Bridging The Gap Between Conventional Education & Job

Full Stack Web Development

Advanced React JS

Advanced Python

Advanced Data Science

Connected Commerce

Data-Driven Creative & Marketing

AI For Healthcare

Advanced Machine Learning

Process Of Innovation

Product Design & Management

Studio Lighting 101

UX Design

Building Retention

Advanced Digital Marketing

UX Framework For Brand Development

Business Modeling

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Foundation Courses

Design Thinking/Innovation

Essentials Of Brand Development

Content Development Made Easy


Fundamentals Of Photography

Fundamentals Of Cinematography

Fundamentals Of Software Engineering

Data Analysis Explained

Basics Of React JS

Basics Of Python

Basics Of E-Commerce

How To Start Online Business?

Customer Dealing

Communication Skills

Basic Accounting

Emerging Technologies

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Learn about how are we different from conventional education?

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Our 5 Years Goal

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People with An Innovative Mindset & Advanced Skills




Bootcamps & Workshops


Teacher Trainings


Major Disruptive Innovations


Self-Paced Online Courses


#Innovation | #Entrepreneurship | #Creativity

Meet few of our core team members

Guddu & Shani

Founders & CEO of Guddu Shani Pvt. Ltd., www.beetechdigital.com & Many others
Founders, Dean & Lead Trainer at Propel

Serial entrepreneurs from Pakistan with 16 years of experience. Known for fashion photography and filmmaking, brand development, business consulting, coaching, and innovative turnkey solutions given to the industry. 

Ali Zafar

Singer, Artist, Producer & CEO, Lightingale Records and Ali Zafar Foundation
Co-Founder and Team Lead for creating awareness about education at Propel

With over 20 years of experience, Ali Zafar is a well-known name in Pakistan and India, as well as among his global followers. Ali comes from a family with deep ties to academia. He is a true patriot, having received the National Pride of Performance Award and now devoting himself to the enablement of the youth. 

Fahad Khalid

Lead Product Manager in ML/AI at Facebook HQs, USA
Lead Advisor, Supply Side (Global Trainers) at Propel

Currently a Lead Product Manager in ML/AI at Facebook HQ at Menlo park, CA. He has extensive experience in 5G, blockchain protocols, data analytics modeling, product management, design thinking, e-commerce, and building technology products from zero to one. 

Mashhood Alam

Product, Innovation & Strategy Leader. Author, USA.
Team Lead & Lead Trainer, Training For Design Thinking & Innovation Process at Propel 

Mashhood is a Senior innovation leader, who has been driving innovation with world's leading companies and start-ups for over two decades in Silicon Valley

Dr.Hena Ali Khan

P.hD in Design Innovation, Senior Lecturer (UK)/Associate Professor (USA) at University of the Arts London, School Of Higher Education.
Team Lead, Service Innovation & Curriculum Development
 at Propel
A communication designer, innovation researcher, and educator. She has taught in Higher Education institutions and advised in Strategic Innovation Think-Tanks for more than a decade.

Dr. Aurangzeb Ahmad

Professor at University of Washington, Principal Data Scientist at KenSci, USA
Team Lead, Augmented Learning Experience at Propel 
Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and is a Research Scientist. His areas of interest are Machine Learning, Data Mining, Big Data and Behavioral Modeling
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Re-imagined Learning Experience

Interact with instructors and speedup your learning

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A complete social learning & collaboration experience
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Certification in Employment Crucial Skills

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Frequently asked questions

How is Propel different from conventional education?

Porpel is different from conventional education in many ways:
  • Propel's mission is to fertilize innovative mindset through our trainings VS Conventional education has very less room of letting students to think out of box.
  • Propel offers fast paced education, building competency of learners VS Conventional education works vertically and builds capacity of a student by introducing the concepts one by one over years.
  • Propel is creating affordable accessibility to instructors those are working professionals from Pakistan and diaspora with 10+ years of experience VS High quality standards in conventional education are available only to certain elites who can afford expensive education
  • Propel offer only industry-driven latest knowledge. Our subjects and training modules are constantly updated VS It is very difficult to upgrade curriculum of conventional education because of complex systems

Who can attend Propel courses?

Anyone & Everyone :)
Students, Upcoming Workforce, Currently Working Workforce, Teachers, Managers, C-Level, Executional Teams, Strategy & Planning Teams, etc.


What courses do you offer?

Propel's education system is Flexible & Applicable to almost every vertical. Our process is:
1- Take demand from industry
2- Find the best match professional for the requirement
3- Collaborate with professionals & deliver that training

Though here is a general list of areas where we will be working more aggressively:

Creative  |  Innovation  |  Design Thinking  |  Leadership  |  Game Design & Development  |   Product Design & Management  |  Emerging Technologies  |  Artificial Intelligence  |  Machine Learning  |  Advertising & Marketing  |  Brand Development & Management

Will you offer certificates?

We are working on a certification in collaboration with local and international companies from Silicon Valley. This certification covers 8 essential skills that every employee should have for growth in this decade.
This kind of certifications are already appreciated by top companies of the world and they prefer such certifications over conventional degrees.
We will soon be offering following certification:

Is there any minimum qualification required to join Propel?

There is no minimum qualification required. All that can make you successful is your passion for the subject that you want to learn.

Fast paced advanced education is very aggressive by nature. Our instructors aim is to give you exposure of new things those can benefit you for your career. They condense years of experience into few days of trainings. That means the learners has to be very attentive and vigilant during this process. 

You cannot learn everything about the subject in few hours but with the kind of training we offer, your exposure and mindset changes that will lead you to effort of deep learning by yourselves.

How can i attend Propel courses?

Our offerings are
On-Campus | Web | App
You can choose any medium as per your convenience.
If you digest a lot of information at a faster pace with passion for a subject then you are a right student for our Live Bootcamps and workshops BUT if you are the one who takes time to understand then you can always attend same activities as self-paced courses through our digital platforms.

What will be job prospect after Propel's courses?

We do not promise a job after any course but what we offer is a higher probability of recruitment due to quality of our courses and we can definitely promise you good appraisals after you get hired because we strongly believe that all our learned students have 10x capability of contribution in growth in comparison to other employees or freelance workers. 
Today organizations look for innovative solutions and next level skills set and that's exactly what we are focussing at Propel

What type of trainings do you offer?

Our training activities are as follows:
  • Bootcamps
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Meet The Masters (Live Q&A with masters)
  • Teacher's Trainings
  • Corporate Trainings

What will be the duration of your courses?

Our live Bootcamps are maximum of 6 days (9am-5pm) :)
Workshops are of maximum 2 days.
Seminars are of few hours.
Meet the Masters are of two hours.
On the other hand all of these are available online as self-paced courses and you can learn as per your own pace. 


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