Invest in your future & trigger INNOVATION ECONOMY 

Take Full Advantage Of Our Innovation Centre

You may share your business challenges with us. For the resolutions through innovation, we will build a diverse team of professionals and engage your company leaders to collaborate with our innovation experts at our innovation studios.

The team will work on:
Customer Empathy  |  Defining The Problem  | Ideating Resolutions  |  Developing Low Fidelity Prototypes  | Testing

For innovation hunting we hire professionals from different backgrounds. We engage them to resolve large business and social problems creatively.

They overcome the obstacles using innovation process with an emphasis on customer empathy
While working with our Design Thinking experts and our participants, your company leaders also learn the process of innovation.

They will start using the same process internally that will create a culture of innovation in your company.

3 innovation studios for different verticals

Resolve any business challenges through innovation.
Develop better products
Save cost through innovative methods

Our Innovation Hunting Package


We make sure your brand get the optimised ROI with our lean ideology
Rs.6 Million For Four Months
Billed In Advance
  • Hired professionals
  • Propel's Innovation experts to lead
  • Propel's innovation advisors
  • Space & over heads
  • Raw materials for exercises and low fidelity prototypes
  • Fee for Surveying platforms (empathy & user testing)

  • * Do not Include cost for development of High fidelity prototypes. Those can be led by the team for in-house development
    * We deliver documented form of business model, product model (or whichever is applicable) along with MVP, Staging, Strategy Canvas, Low fidelity prototypes, desirability report, feasibility (except of financials), consumer research and ideation

    * We apply Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Agile principles as Process Management, Validated Learning, Iteration, and Innovation Accounting to the innovation hunting
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