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Our courses are built only by masters of their professions with at least ten years of hands-on experience

We make education accessible for students. Our doors are open to the students of all ages and any levels of experience. Our mission is to Propel individuals, trigger innovative mindset and train the teachers who are custodians of our future

Meet our instructors

Guddu & Shani
Founders & CEO of Guddu Shani Pvt. Ltd.

Founders, Dean & Lead Trainer at Propel

Serial entrepreneurs from Pakistan with 18 years of experience. Known for fashion photography and filmmaking, brand development, business consulting, coaching, and innovative turnkey solutions given to the industry. Currently, operating www.beetechdigital.com as an innovation lab from Pakistan and the USA.
Their experience includes developing aspirational advertising and data-driven content marketing in Pakistan, a portfolio of more than 72000 published images, videos & content pieces.
Tauseef Ahmad Dar
CEO & Founder TAD, Certified Trainer "Leadership & Consultancy", Sales Strategist & Motivational Speaker 

Tauseef has a 20 years of extensive work experience in trainings, advertising, event management, marketing and sales. He has worked with a diverse range of organizations in Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Thailand where he gained the skills to drive business growth through intense focus on Training the sales force, capitalizing on new revenue opportunities, and managing all aspects of daily business operations. His popular trainings are: Build, Play & Learn, Be Persuasive, Dream To Reality, Manage The Time, Be A Communication Guru, Power of Teams, Training The Trainers - TTT
Mustafa Kamal Pasha

A Modern marketer with a passion of building brands and delighting consumers with the education of Fashion marketing, Brand Management, Specialization in Advertising Communication, and self-education with 15 years of Fashion Brand Management experiences has given me the dynamic to contribute effectively in transforming any peripheral brand into aspirational brand. Associated directly and in directly with most of the leading brands Directly as Head of Marketing, Cambridge, Zeen, GUTS, license, edenrobe, GS – Textile, Adverto, digital and photography. 
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