Invest in your future, Make an impact and Create a shared value in triggering INNOVATION ECONOMY 

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Lets develop a certificate program that saves all your HR bleed. 

How about making it a selection and bonus criteria & make every employee Propel your growth!

It's no secret that the world of work is changing. Gone are the days where you could get by with a few specific skills of employees and live comfortably for their entire career. Today, it's all about being agile and having diverse skillsets so that they can adapt to change as quickly as possible and contribute highest value against your HR investment.

A key reason why companies are investing in training programs more than ever before is because they want their employees to be equipped with these essential skills:

Fill the gap for HR & recruitment risks with PROPEL 

#1  Companies can produce their signature trainings in collaboration with Propel or ask Propel to build that training as per their core needs with the help of professionals from our network

#2  Companies can hire our trained workforce for full time job or as a freelancer through our exclusive communities

#3  Companies make Propel's certification of the training compulsory for hiring. Our enhanced learning experience is developed and well tested by some of the top level experts 

#4  Companies not only get access to the quality workforce, they also get a 25% royalty on sale of their signature trainings at propel

Pakistan's first real industry-academia collaboration. Create and run your own community using our community function.


#Post Freelance Projects | #Post About New Job Openings | #Educate Them About Your Vision


86% of young buyers say that they prefer to buy from socially responsible companies.Build your brand image among 70% of the population of the country that thinks so.

In addition to the above advantages, you will be making a social impact and creating a shared value.

With your partnership,

1- We can subsidize fees for our students.

2- Engage the highest quality professionals from Pakistan and diaspora for coaching.

3- Build a network of talented youth globally. 

4- Operate your professional communities effectively to provide you entrepreneurial workforce.

5- Fill up our innovation center, where we may solve your company's problems of any scale creatively.

Take Full Advantage Of Our Innovation Centre

Either you share your challenges with us or engage your company leaders to collaborate with Diverse participants, including students and young working professionals those are invited to join our innovation lab. Consider us your extended arm for innovation

|  Co-Create With The Real Buyers
|  Resolve Business Challenges Creatively
| Our experts lead the innovation process

Our innovation studio is always packed with enthusiastic youngsters. We engage them to resolve large business and social problems creatively.
They overcome the obstacles while learning the Empathy, Ideation, Prototyping, Testing, and Iteration processes.
While working with our Design Thinking experts and our participants, your company leaders also learn the process of innovation.
They will start using the same process internally that will create a culture of innovation in your company.

The most significant ROI of any industry partnership investment is Advanced Skills Training of in-house teams and the upcoming workforce, along with goodwill among customers.

Our Industry Partnership Packages

basic features

Included in both partnership packages

  • Brief Pain Points To Design Industry-Driven Bootcamps
  • Full access to network of our students and alumni through community feature
  • Access To Innovation Centre For Problem Resolution & New Ideas
  • Logo placement at all digital and physical collateral
    * Except of Propel's independent logo
  • Product placements during bootcamp workshops 
    * if that goes with class concept


Through Our activities, All publishing channels, Social Media, Partner Influencers, Content Marketing, Media Collaborations & On-Going Digital Marketing

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We make sure your brand get the optimised ROI
PKR 12 Million/yr
Billed annually
Includes basic features plus:
  • 12 users: "Certificate For Employment Crucial Skills"
  • Logo placement as Built by under the main banner
  • Team Participations in Each Bootcamps (4 per month): 5 Seats
  • Access to online knowledge-base: 10 Seats
  • 1 Days Short Trainings For Your Team (Soft Skills, Leadership, Design Thinking): 1/month
  • Access to conference: 5 seats + 1 Speaking + Sub Sponsor Mentions
  • Frequent social meda mentions
  • 25% Discount on corporate coaching

Powered by

You are the king! you deserve more

PKR 50 Million/yr
Billed annually
Includes basic features plus:
  • Unlimited users: "Certificate For Employment Crucial Skills"
  • Logo placement under Propel Logo As Powered By
  • Resolution of Business Challenges at Innovation Centre: 4/year
  • Access to all case studies of Innovation Centre
  • Constant logo overlay on all videos & Content
  • Team Participations in Each Bootcamps (4 per month): 10 Seats
  • Access to conference: 12 seats + 2 Speaking + Co-Sponsor Mentions
  • Access to online knowledge-base: 25 seats
  • 1 Day Short Trainings For Your Team (Soft Skills, Leadership, Design Thinking): 4/month
  • 50% Discount on corporate coaching
  • Frequent social media mentions
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 7 Common challenges that almost every company face  regarding recruitment & HR 

#1 Lack of innovation

Most businesses lack innovation because they rely on the same group of employees who are saturated with creativity or lack a creative attitude. They also don't have access to outside thinking.

SOLUTION: The team from the lowest tier to c-level should have an innovative mindset

#2 Lack of training systems

Most of the companies lack modern training systems or don't have them at all. Even the one who offer pieces of training deliver either outdated content or make it too dull for a YOUNG working professional

SOLUTION: The training should be creative, fun, and engaging to take advantage of creative genetic ability of youth

#3 Lack of scientific mindset

The country lacks experts those can accelerate growth through scientific patterns. This is two sided sword.
i- Most of the people generally lack growth mindset
ii- They like to use their perception and previous outdated experiences

SOLUTION: The training should be creative, fun, and engaging to take advantage of the creative genetic ability of youth

#4 Lack of education system

The country's inefficient educational system has failed to generate a workforce capable of meeting the needs of the 21st century. In contrast to the existing potential for growth, businesses are forced to work around mediocracy

SOLUTION: Companies should invest in agile training systems that can converge the energy of youth and produce the entrepreneurial workforce

#5 Bleed of Money

Companies bleed a huge unseen amount in the form of an extended onboarding period. Every employee hired takes at least 6 to 9 months to settle and start performing other than the probation period.

SOLUTION: Pre-Boarding Trainings and On-Boarding trainings are an easy way 

#6 Lack of current knowledge

An employee can hardly have current knowledge of innovative developments and global exposure. That is why their performance starts dropping over time.

SOLUTION: Refresher trainings round the year should be offered to employees

#7 Risk of hiring conventional graduates

Instead of triggering intelligence, knowledge, or skills, a traditional degree follows a predefined sequence of striking markers; therefore, a mere sheet of conventional degrees might make a fool of many recruiters.

SOLUTION: Recognising qualified skill development institutions who train the workforce as per your input

Advantages Of Propel Partnership

Access To Database Of Certified Entrepreneurial workforce

Access To Innovation Centre

Training of current teams

Problem Solving Through Crowd Thinking

Special Mentions In All Activities, Recordings & Official Content

Respected Brand Image

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